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In Japan, MMA and kickboxing are popular sports that are heavily covered by the media. But English-speaking fight fans do not have access to all this information. Some Americans try to report news from Japan, but they have language problems sometimes or they are not telling all sides of the story. This blog will give fans some of those news reports, and some observations too.


Shukan Gendai at it again: Yokozuna Asashoryu

Shukan Gendai, the weekly tabloid magazine which started the DSE controversy and provided most of the content for some reporters for the entire year of 2006, seems to be back to the same tricks. This time, Shukan Gendai is publishing an article accusing Asashoryu, the only grand champion in sumo today, of yaocho (match-fixing).

After Shukan Gendai waged a kind of successful war against DSE and Fuji TV, it tried to raise a little bit of trouble against the boxing Kameda brothers. However, these attacks ended very quickly, maybe due to the pressure from TBS channel, which is linked by shareholdings to Shukan Gendai's parent company, Kodansha.

Many months passed between the Kameda stories and this one about sumo. Many people think that Shukan Gendai was trying very hard to find other negative stories in martial arts. For example, they were very close to trying to write article about the rumor of homosexual preferences among a number of the top officials in the martial arts promotions. They did not do this story, or maybe they are still working on it. Anyway, it is not in the good taste, I think.

To the naked eye, Asashoryu is the best technical wrestler and most dominant champion in sumo world today. Could that image be a fake? Maybe on the other hand, a cynical person would say that this tabloid magazine has run out of any other ideas how to sell more copies, except to do these expose articles in fighting sports.


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    Great report. Nice to see some accurate reporting on the MMA Japan scene. Thanks


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