MMA in Japan

In Japan, MMA and kickboxing are popular sports that are heavily covered by the media. But English-speaking fight fans do not have access to all this information. Some Americans try to report news from Japan, but they have language problems sometimes or they are not telling all sides of the story. This blog will give fans some of those news reports, and some observations too.


Akebono's mother passes away, Tanigawa classless as usual

According to Sportsnavi, Janice Rowan, the mother of Akebono (Chad Rowan) passed away due to breathing difficulties.

FEG and K-1 event producer Tanigawa Sadaharu made a statement that "even though the Yokozuna is going through trying times, we want him to win a fight at the end of the year on the Dynamite show for his mother's sake." Why can't this guy just give condolences like normal people?


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